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Buy a pre-filled tank or trade your empty cylinder for a full one.


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Bring home a safe, reliable product and let the good times flow.

Every tank you buy is filled with benefits

When you choose Tank Traders®, you’re minutes away from enjoying a clean, fully certified, ready-to-use propane cylinder. Your purchase also guarantees that you’ll never have to worry about:

  • Waiting around for your tank to be filled
  • Purchasing a new tank when it expires
  • Having an underfilled or overfilled tank
  • Being responsible for tank maintenance
  • Finding a tank recycling depot

A safe, reliable product is always close at hand

We’re the only propane exchange company to oversee the entire tank lifecycle, from fill to till and back again. That means your tanks will always be reliably maintained, consistently filled and responsibly recycled. The only thing you’ll have to worry about after a purchase is what you’ll use the propane for.


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