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Account Set Up

We will walk you through the application process, obtain licensing on your behalf where applicable, and get you all set up so that you can start selling propane.


Training & Displays

Once you’re all set up, we’ll train your staff on the program and its benefits and outfit your store with a 24-tank storage display cage, promotional signage and marketing collateral.


Away You Go

Finally, our logistics team will fill your cage and coordinate regular propane deliveries based on your sales volumes in order to maximize your stores’ propane sales.

Propane Exchange Benefits

Choosing Tank Traders® as your propane exchange partner is good for your customers and your bottom line. As a participating retailer, you’ll:

  • Expand your product line to include propane sales
  • Eliminate the need for specialized training and certified propane attendants 
  • Increase repeat business and return consumer traffic 
  • Earn extra revenue without losing indoor shelf space 
  • Provide a new service for customers that encourages repeat business 
  • Offer an environmentally friendly recycling service at no charge
  • Eliminate the need for your customers to wait for tanks to be filled

One of the most competitive offerings on the market

From fill to till and back again, we oversee the entire product lifecycle to serve you better. By controlling our operations, we’re able to ensure that every tank is:

  • Inspected, cleaned and refurbished by qualified personnel
  • Filled to optimal levels in accordance with Canadian safety requirements
  • Delivered on time by licensed drivers
  • Decommissioned and recycled for scrap metal at the end of its life

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